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Breast-feeding may help protect children from developing type 2 diabetes
Dr. Kristina Lewis wrote this article as a guest columnist to the Asheville Citizen-Times. It discusses that one of the best ways to prevent type 2 diabetes in children is to prevent childhood obesity, and recently published research suggests breast-feeding infants could help reduce the risks of both.
Asthma and Antibiotics
Dr. Kristina Lewis's article as a guest columnist to the Asheville Citizen-Times about a possible link between the risk of developing asthma and the use of antibiotics in children younger than age 1.
Holistic Health: New Natural Ways to Manage and Treat Childhood Asthma
When you're a kid, breathing should be easy. Laughing, playing, and having fun should be your work of the day. Working hard to get a breath in should be the last thing on your mind.
Holistic Health Tips to Prevent Infant, Childhood, and Adolescent Asthma
Kids with asthma are often confused and unable to communicate what is happening to them. They wonder why they aren't breathing right and why they can't do what they normally do. Sometimes it is hard for a parent to identify asthma symptoms when they are happening to their child.
Asheville-area parents turn to complementary medicine
An excellent article written by the Asheville Citizen-Times about using alternative medicine for children. Dr. Eric Lewis was interviewed for this article.
Gardening with Children
Learn about tips and tricks for gardening with children (and inner children, no matter how young or old)!
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