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Water, Water Everywhere...but what type should I drink?

We all know drinking water is not only good for us, but necessary for our health. But what TYPE of water should we be drinking? Is tap water safe? What about bottled water? Should you use a filter and if so, which kind?

Confused about Cooking Oils? Part I: Olive and Canola Rumors
"What type of oil should I use?" is a question we've been hearing a lot lately. There are so many different types of oil to choose from, and rumors and opinions abound about which oil is best, which is toxic, or which is most nutritious. Then there's the question of saturated fats vs. trans fats vs. polyunsaturated fats vs. essential omega fats, that unless you majored in biochemistry in college it's easy to get confused!
Confused about Cooking Oils? Part II: Reading Labels
What makes that $4.00 economy-sized bottle of oil from the warehouse club different from the $23.00 boutique bottle at the health food store?
Naturopathic Remedies: Strategies for Staying Healthy During Cold and Flu Season
How can you protect yourself from catching colds and flus and stay healthy during the winter months? Learn ways to minimize exposure, strengthen your immune system, and what to do if you get sick.
Holistic Health News: Not All Fish Oil is Created Equally (Part 1)
Not All Fish Oil is Created Equally -Some May Actually be Bad for Your Health! This Part I article explores the manufacturing process of making fish oil, and what to look out for in finding excellent quality products.
Holistic Health News: Not All Fish Oil is Created Equally (Part 2)
Part II explores the issues of mercury and other toxins in the fish supply. This issue of environmental toxicity is really the #1 holistic health concern and the main reason you really want to make sure you are consuming high quality fish oil.
Herbs and Supplements
For consumers who choose to explore supplements, it is critical that they know the credentials of those who advise them. The supplement industry is “very large and very lucrative,” Lewis said, but it is not regulated by the FDA, and there is ample room for misguidance.
What can patients expect?
Article in the Journal of Family Practice (December 2005) about what patients can expect from a naturopathic approach to their healthcare.
When Trust in Doctors Erode, Other Treatments Fill the Void
Article in the New York Times about Naturopathic Medicine. "But I also believe there are simply a lot of unknowns when it comes to staying healthy, and if there's a possibility something will help I'm willing to try it."
Homeopathy: The Controversial Cure
This individualized approach is drawing a growing number of people fed up with an expensive, impersonal health-care system that relies on chemical drugs which sometimes end up doing more harm than good. While conventional medicine clearly saves countless lives, particularly in acute illness and emergencies, homeopathy is increasingly a choice among people with chronic health problems, the second most common reason for trips to the doctor’s office in the U.S.
Detoxify: Spring is a good time to cleanse the body, too
Asheville Citizen-Times article discussing various ways to detoxify the body. Dr. Eric Lewis from Lewis Family Natural Health was interviewed for this article.
The Dangers of Plastic Bottles: A Naturopathic Doctor’s Expert Opinion
In recent months the safety of plastic bottles has been seriously called into question, mainly due to the presence of Bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical found in plastics. Despite manufacture claims that BPA is harmless, studies indicate it might not be as safe as once thought.
Breast-feeding may help protect children from developing type 2 diabetes
Dr. Kristina Lewis wrote this article as a guest columnist to the Asheville Citizen-Times. It discusses that one of the best ways to prevent type 2 diabetes in children is to prevent childhood obesity, and recently published research suggests breast-feeding infants could help reduce the risks of both.
More Good News for Chocolate Lovers
Getting your CRP levels down is one of the best things you can do for your heart health. This study showed people eating one serving of dark chocolate a few times a week had significantly lower CRP levels than those who didn’t. The drop in CRP was enough to decrease the risk of heart disease by one-fourth in men, and one-third in women.
10 Naturopathic Tips for Healthy Eating During the Holidays
Even the healthiest fitness instructor or naturopathic doctor is tempted by sweets and junk food during the holidays. Here are some tips for enjoying holiday goodies while keeping holistic health care in mind.
Holistic Health Care News: The Importance of Healthy Sunscreen
Did you know that a recent consumer safety study showed that 4 out of 5 sunscreens on the market contains harmful chemicals? And that up to 70% of sunscreens contained questionable or misleading claims on the bottle? What if the very sunscreen you are putting on your body to protect yourself from cancer contains carcinogenic compounds?
Holistic Health News: Not All Fish Oil is Created Equally (Part 3)
This Part III article answers questions including: How much fish oil is enough to do your health any good? Can you trust what is written on supplement labels? How can you ensure you get the maximum holistic health benefits from your fish oil supplement?
Sunlight: Friend or Foe? The Vitamin D and Sunscreen Debate
Vitamin D is getting a lot of attention from the media lately, and is the new "hot" topic in medical circles. Many people are having their vitamin D levels tested and finding out they are low in this essential nutrient. But what exactly is Vitamin D and why should you care about your Vitamin D levels? How does sunscreen use contribute to being low in this important vitamin, and what can we do about it?
Results-Oriented Exercise: A Key Component of Holistic Medicine and a Healthy Lifestyle
There are many experts out there with opinions and strategies to help people reach their exercise goals. But what if the scientists at NASA could shed some light on ways to put together an exercise plan to reach your goals?
Naturopathic Swine Flu Prevention Strategies
No one quite knows what to expect with Swine Flu this winter. The best way to stay healthy is to prevent getting sick in the first place. Here are the strategies we suggest that you and your friends and family can employ to make your immune system as strong as possible to fight off the flu.
Vital Choice-Organic, Wild, Natural, Sustainable, Pure Seafood, Berries, and Chocolate
Is Your Bucket Overflowing?
As naturopathic doctors, we spend a lot of time thinking about our patient's "buckets" in helping to restore health to the body. Our patients have told us they love our "Bucket Analogy" as a great way to explain an important concept in naturopathic medicine: why such seemingly small substances may make a big impact on your overall health.
Asheville-area health experts offer tips on dietary cleanses
WNC health experts offer advice on dietary cleanup
Naturopathic Myth Busters: Is Milk Healthy?
This food is a polarizing topic and many people have strong opinions for or against it. Here's our take on this popular food.
The Naturopathic Way: Cause and Effect
The first in our series on the Naturopathic Way, A Holistic and Natural Perspective for Your Health.
Naturopathic Myth Busters: Fiber
Fiber: A Bran New Study has Back-end Results that are Hard to Digest. A new study from UNC Medical School questions long-standing beliefs about fiber in our diets.
The Naturopathic Way: The Underlying Causes of Disease
This article is designed to map out the basic principles of what we feel are the most common underlying causes of chronic illness. These principles are an amalgam of our combined schooling, training, research, study, and years of working with patients.
About Probiotics
Probiotic supplements promote proper digestion and are vital to supporting the body’s immune system; after all, the digestive system is where our body rids itself of toxins and pathogenic microbes. 70% of our immune cells live here!
The inability to digest gluten causes inflammation and damage to the mucosal linings of the intestines and other mucous membranes in the body. This is the starting point of problems for an individual with an adverse reaction to gluten.
The Naturopathic Way: Chronic Infection
Generally speaking, most people think of infections as something that happens acutely. "I caught a cold" or "I have a stomach virus"... these are most often illnesses that have a distinct beginning and end. We are sick, and then we are better- life goes on. In chronic infection, the pathogenic organism(s) persist- often in spite of or hidden from our immune systems- and contribute to diminishing health over time.
Asheville-area parents turn to complementary medicine
An excellent article written by the Asheville Citizen-Times about using alternative medicine for children. Dr. Eric Lewis was interviewed for this article.
Asheville Naturopath Recommends Holistic Approach to Heart Health
More and more individuals are seeking a naturopathic approach as part of their effort to acheive a healthy heart lifestyle. In addition to diet, exercise and lifestyle changes, there are many nutritional supplements or herbal medicines that can be beneficial for heart health. These may help reduce the side effects of your other medications and may help you reach your heart health goals.
Shedding Light on Red Light Therapy
Red Light Therapy gets more positive feedback from our patients than just about anything. The benefits of Red Light Therapy are far reaching and better yet, infrared energy is safe, effective, easy to do and inexpensive!
Getting a Fresh Start in the New Year
Dr. Eric Lewis was featured in this January 2013 Laurel of Asheville article.
Easy Veggies to Grow
As we look forward to Spring, a healthy and wonderful way to enjoy the outdoors and to get a little dirt under the fingernails is to start a garden. Here's some encouragement and some helpful hints for new or experienced gardeners.
Natural Weed and Pest Solutions for your Organic Vegetable Garden
Planting season is finally here! The time of year to get out in nature, get our hands in the soil and be part of the wonder of growing. Growing your own Organic Vegetables and Herbs has become more popular as we become more aware of the dangers in pesticide and chemical use. Learn more about some tried and true organic and natural ways to fight weeds and garden pests.
Naturopathic Medicine and Heart Disease Prevention
Medscape, one of the leading online medical resources for conventional physicians, has acknowledged and praised Naturopathic Medicine as an effective approach for reducing heart disease risk. Highlighting a study published last month in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, the article describes how "the addition of naturopathic care on top of usual care significantly reduced the 10-year risk of cardiovascular disease among adults with an increased risk for CVD [cardiovascular disease]." As naturopathic medicine continues to get more and more attention from the mainstream media and medical system, and better access we all can have to the best of both worlds.
Gardening with Children
Learn about tips and tricks for gardening with children (and inner children, no matter how young or old)!
How to Take Turmeric
Introducing the Lewis Family herbal turmeric cream- the ideal solution for how to take turmeric! Traditional herbal medicine and modern scientific research both show a vast array of turmeric medicinal properties. It's nature's best anti-inflammatory!
Coenzyme Q10 Benefits
Key coenzyme Q10 benefits include assisting energy production, antioxidant support, cardiovascular health and minimizing the side effects of statins. To achieve these benefits, it is essential for coenzyme Q10 supplements to be super high-quality... like our Lewis Family CoQ10 supplement!
The Critical Connection Between Thyroid and Body Temperature
Did you know there is a strong connection between thyroid function and body temperature, and that this link may mirror your overall health and well-being? If your body temperature is colder than it should be, you may be struggling with your health.
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