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Asheville Naturopath Recommends Holistic Approach to Heart Health
More and more individuals are seeking a naturopathic approach as part of their effort to acheive a healthy heart lifestyle. In addition to diet, exercise and lifestyle changes, there are many nutritional supplements or herbal medicines that can be beneficial for heart health. These may help reduce the side effects of your other medications and may help you reach your heart health goals.
More Good News for Chocolate Lovers
Getting your CRP levels down is one of the best things you can do for your heart health. This study showed people eating one serving of dark chocolate a few times a week had significantly lower CRP levels than those who didn’t. The drop in CRP was enough to decrease the risk of heart disease by one-fourth in men, and one-third in women.
Results-Oriented Exercise: A Key Component of Holistic Medicine and a Healthy Lifestyle
There are many experts out there with opinions and strategies to help people reach their exercise goals. But what if the scientists at NASA could shed some light on ways to put together an exercise plan to reach your goals?
Vital Choice-Organic, Wild, Natural, Sustainable, Pure Seafood, Berries, and Chocolate
Naturopathic Myth Busters: Fiber
Fiber: A Bran New Study has Back-end Results that are Hard to Digest. A new study from UNC Medical School questions long-standing beliefs about fiber in our diets.
Naturopathic Medicine and Heart Disease Prevention
Medscape, one of the leading online medical resources for conventional physicians, has acknowledged and praised Naturopathic Medicine as an effective approach for reducing heart disease risk. Highlighting a study published last month in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, the article describes how "the addition of naturopathic care on top of usual care significantly reduced the 10-year risk of cardiovascular disease among adults with an increased risk for CVD [cardiovascular disease]." As naturopathic medicine continues to get more and more attention from the mainstream media and medical system, and better access we all can have to the best of both worlds.
Coenzyme Q10 Benefits
Key coenzyme Q10 benefits include assisting energy production, antioxidant support, cardiovascular health and minimizing the side effects of statins. To achieve these benefits, it is essential for coenzyme Q10 supplements to be super high-quality... like our Lewis Family CoQ10 supplement!
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