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Becoming a Patient FAQs

Show or hide the answer How do I become a patient at your office?
To become a patient, please review the three steps listed on the "Become a Patient" section of our website.  Then contact us to get your questions answered and your first appointments scheduled.
Show or hide the answer I’d like to learn more before I make an appointment. What is the best way to do this?

We recommend that all potential patients take advantage of our complimentary 15-minute initial consultations. 

These free 15-minute consultations can take place in the office or over the telephone.

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During these introductory meetings you will be able to:

  • Meet with one of our doctors.
  • See our office in person.
  • Learn how naturopathic medicine can address your specific health concerns.
  • Ask questions about what it's like to be a patient at our office.
  • See if our doctors and our office are a good fit for what you are seeking.  If not, the doctors are often able to help direct you to other offices or practitioners in town that might be a better fit for you.

Please note that we are not able to give specific recommendations or health advice during this introductory consultation.

To schedule your free 15-minute consultation, please contact us by phone or email.

Show or hide the answer What is the first office visit like?

As naturopathic doctors, we strive to uncover the underlying cause of your illness, to understand you as an individual, and to develop personalized recommendations specifically designed for you.

Please read more about the New Patient Series and what to expect during your first visits.

Show or hide the answer How often will I need to come back for follow-up visits?

Following your progress after your first initial visit is an essential part of your treatment plan.  We feel strongly about staying present and aware of the progress you are making toward health.  As your body heals, often modifications and adjustments need to be made to your naturopathic plan, and the only way to effectively do this is through regular follow-up appointments.

How often you need follow-ups and for how long is a very individualized decision that will be determined after your doctor gets to know your full story.

Show or hide the answer Why should I see a naturopathic doctor as compared to another health care provider?

Naturopathic medicine is a specific, unique profession.  Many people not familiar with the terminology may assume that any practitioner of alternative natural medicine is a “naturopath;" however, the term Naturopathic Doctor refers to a specific profession.

A visit to a naturopathic physician is unique.  Our shortest visit lasts 30 minutes, and comprehensive initial visits last several hours.

We place a strong emphasis on our patients attaining full wellness and the prevention of health problems in the future. As well as addressing specific health complaints, we encourage all the positive things a patient can do to be well with optimal health, happiness, physical fitness, and mental balance. In addition, we consider your family and personal health history and educate you on how best to prevent familial diseases such as diabetes, heart disease or cancer.

We are NOT a substitute for your regular doctor, therefore it is very important that you retain a relationship with a primary care physician.  We work with your regular doctor to bring you the best of alternative and western medicine.

Show or hide the answer Does naturopathic medicine work?

Yes!  We don't just recommend natural therapies because they are natural; we use them because they work.  But don't take our word for it.  Read what our patients are saying.

Show or hide the answer Why do I need a naturopath when there is so much information available on the Internet about alternative medicine?

This is a great question.  There is a lot of information available, more information than any one person could ever sort through.  The trouble with the Internet is the credibility of information; anyone can say anything about anything, whether or not they know what they are talking about.  Like the Snake Oil salesmen of the past, they might just be trying to sell a worthless product.

Figuring out your own natural health care is a little bit like doing your own taxes.  If you have a simple, straight-forward situation, then you might be able to figure things out on your own.  But if you see an accountant for help, they might figure out write-offs and exemptions, and the initial money you spent upfront will be more than compensated by the increased tax refund you wouldn't have generated if you did it all yourself.  If you have a complex tax situation, hiring an accountant is much better than trying to teach yourself what they went to school for years and years to learn how to do.

Same with alternative medicine.  By seeing a naturopath, you are making an investment in your health, hiring a specialist to help you wade through the mass amounts of information available, and create a streamlined, custom-tailored plan for you.  

You are hiring someone who was specially trained to provide you this service.  This isn't just our hobby; we didn't just read a couple books on herbs and take a few weekend seminars.  We went to medical school, four years, year round, passing intensive national board examinations, and logging in over 4,500 classroom hours and 1,000+ supervised patient visits.  We keep up with medical research advances on a daily basis, both in the conventional and alternative medical worlds.  We learned all this information about holistic health so you don't have to.

The hours and money you can save by seeing a naturopathic doctor are hard to quantify.  We have had patients come to us saying that they have already literally spent thousands of dollars on supplements that didn't work that they purchased off the Internet or from a friend's recommendation.  Others call us saying they are at their wit's end; they are so overwhelmed with everything out there that they are paralyzed and don't know where to start. 

If you feel this way, please know you are not alone.  And know that we're here to help.
Show or hide the answer Can I still see my medical doctor if I work with you?

Absolutely!  We work as a team with you and your current physician(s) to reach your health goals, whether it be relief from a specific disease, supportive therapies that will not conflict with your current medications, or achieving optimal wellness.

If you don't currently have a primary care physician in town, we can give you recommendations.

We see ourselves as a bridge between the conventional and alternative medical systems, understanding drug-herb interactions, and knowing how and when to refer to other practitioners in both systems to provide you with the best health care available.

Show or hide the answer I currently take prescription medications. Can I still work with you?

Many of our patients come to us already taking prescription medications, while many are on no medications at all.  We are able to meet you where you are and create a safe natural program for you that takes into account any medications you may be currently talking. 

We are specially trained in recognizing drug-herb-supplement interactions, and make sure all natural therapies we recommend will not conflict with your prescriptions.  Likewise, we can help you correct nutritional imbalances that are common side-effects of many medications.

Show or hide the answer What natural therapies do you use?

We utilize a wide range of tools in order to promote the body’s healing response including:

Each patient is an individual, so the specific therapies recommended vary for each patient depending your unique needs.


Read more about the natural health therapies used at Lewis Family Natural Health.

Show or hide the answer I’m pregnant. Can I still see you?

We can help pregnant patients:

  • Manage the side-effects of pregnancy (morning sickness, constipation, mood swings).
  • Develop a dietary program to optimize your body for a healthy pregnancy.
  • Make recommendations and provide excellent quality prenatal vitamins and other baby-beneficial supplements that won’t sit like a rock in your stomach.
  • Help you deal with other medical issues you are experiencing while pregnant with safe natural remedies that won’t be harmful to your developing baby.
Please note: We are NOT a substitute for your obstetrician or midwife; we do not deliver babies and are not a replacement for regular prenatal check ups.
Show or hide the answer Can you help with an acute illness?

Naturopathic medicine works for more than just long-term chronic issues.  It can also be very effective for colds, flus, ear infections, diarrhea, and other acute illnesses. 

When you are feeling sick, give our office a call and we can schedule you for a one-hour visit to receive personalized natural health recommendations to help you feel better quickly.

This service is available to both our current established patients as well as to new patients.

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