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Your First Two Visits

Your First VisitDr. Kristina in Office

Your first visit (often referred to as the "Part I" appointment) is a 90-minute visit with either Dr. Eric or Dr. Kristina. 

Before this first visit, we will ask you to fill out a “homework” packet detailing your past medical history, current supplements and medication, and other information to help us understand as much as we can about you. 

During the first visit, we will go over this information with you and work to understand your chief concerns at a level of detail you may have never experienced with another doctor!  You will spend the entire 90-minute appointment with one of the doctors--not a nurse or physician's assistant. 

Developing a Plan For You

Following that initial visit, we will take the information gathered and work on developing a specific, individualized plan for you.  We often take your story and share it with the other doctor, so you are able to get the input of both Dr. Eric and Dr. Kristina on your care.  At Lewis Family Natural Health, you get two doctors for the price of one, ensuring that you get the most comprehensive, thorough plan possible.

Your Second Visit

The second visit, or "Part II" appointment, is an hour-long appointment that takes place a week after your Part I visit. 

At this visit, we go over our naturopathic recommendations with you, allowing you time to ask questions and clarify what is being recommended.  You will be presented with a detailed, written plan that has been designed especially for you.

Why Two Visits?

There are several reasons for dividing our New Patient intake into these two visits a week apart.

  • It allows us to take time and space to develop a plan for you.  We are able to think about and research your case over the span of seven days, delving into the nuances of your specific concerns at a level we wouldn't be able to do if we decided on a course of action the first day we met you.
  • It's more convenient for you.  You won't have to take off work for an entire morning or afternoon, but instead can schedule two shorter visits more easily into your day.
  • It's less exhausting.  Patients have told us that going through the New Patient visits can be very tiring due to the detail involved, and many are relieved to split the visit over two appointments versus one, long marathon session.
Dr. Eric in Office


Meeting You Where You Are

We feel that it is vitally important to work with our patients as a team.  Making sure you understand your naturopathic plan, we present all our recommendations to our patients and then we decide together, doctor and patient, how to make the plan best suit your lifestyle and needs.  We strive to meet you where you are, and help take you to where you want to be.


  • The cost of the Part I 90-minute visit is $225 ($175 for children 12 and under), and the Part II 60-minute visit is $145.  Patients who choose to pay for both visits upfront receive a $20 discount.  We also have convenient payment plans for those who would prefer to spread the payments out over several months.  Please contact us for more details. 
  • There is no additional cost for the time we spend developing a plan for you during the Part I and Part II visits.  This time the doctors spend on developing a care plan for you is included in the cost of the two visits.
  • Because our doctors only schedule one patient at a time, we ask for a $100 deposit to reserve all new patient visits.  This deposit is applied to the cost of the first visit, and is fully refundable (minus a $15 processing fee) for appointments changed with at least 48-hours (2 business days) notice.  We are able to accept cash, checks, Visa, and MasterCard.


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