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Electrodermal Screening and Allergy Desensitization

What is Electrodermal Screening?

Electrodermal Screening measures the conductance of electricity through specific acupuncture points located on the hands and feet. EDS uses a computer program and instrumentation to collect information about the functional and energetic status of the patient. This process is non-invasive and highly accurate in identifying the various causes of imbalance in the body.Electrodermal Screening

Screening sessions last 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the number of points measured. Skin measurement is obtained using a small brass instrument. A minimal amount of current is applied to areas of high electrical conductivity known as acupuncture points. Recordings are taken that measure response of the point measured to this microcurrent. The current (1.25 volts) is too small to be detected by the skin.

A drop in current flow indicates a resistance to electrical conductance at that point. Each acupuncture point is known to perform a specific job. Screening what is happening with the energy of the point gives the doctor information about the internal function of the patient. This information suggests appropriate remedies or strategies for patient care.

At Lewis Family Natural Health, Dr. Eric Lewis uses EDS during the initial visit to gain insight into his patient's health status and to guide the decision-making process. EDS is also used to identify potential allergies and create energetic remedies to desensitize the patient's allergic response.

"Because acupuncture points on the hands and feet correspond to other parts of the body, we can explore almost any part of the body just by touching your hand or foot with a sensor that reads energy flow.  Poor conductivity through an acupuncture point can mean the corresponding energy meridian is weakened.  By touching your hands and feet with the sensor, I can non-invasively check the balance of energy flow in your body, and even test your reaction to allergens."-Dr. Eric Lewis

Alternative Medicine Review

To read more about the research on Allergies and Electrodermal Screening, click here for an article published in Alternative Medicine Review.  In this clinical study measuring the effect of EDS and allergies, 87% of patients rated their outcome as good or great.


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