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The Personal Attention I Receive...

I’ve had a very positive experience working with naturopathic physicians.  One of the things I value most about working with Lewis Family Natural Health is the personal attention I receive.  I feel as though they are genuinely concerned about my health and well being.  They do not hesitate to take the time to answer all my questions – even if they need to research the answers and call me at home.

In the past I have experienced health care practitioners who appear rushed and seem annoyed when I ask too many questions.  Most often the only solution offered for my ailment is a prescribed drug with a minimal focus on lifestyle change or prevention of disease.  I appreciate the naturopathic philosophy of treating the whole person and treating the cause not just attempting to suppress symptoms.

My treatment at their practice is individualized.  They work as a team and refer to each other when appropriate.  The high level of trust I have with Lewis Family Natural Health is unlike others that I have experienced with health professionals.

The main medical condition I came to Lewis Family Natural Health for has improved significantly.  Several acute health issues have also been treated successfully over the past year and a half.

I definitely would, and have, recommended Lewis Family Natural Health to others.  In addition to being bright, competent and caring physicians, the Lewises are cheerful, easygoing people who have a sincere interest in your wellness.

-C Krebs, Asheville,  NC

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