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Children's Health FAQs

Show or hide the answer Can you be my child’s pediatrician?

We are not a substitute for a pediatrician or family care doctor.  Due to the licensure status of naturopathic doctors in the state of North Carolina, we are currently not able to provide Well Child exams or physicals for school or camp.  Instead, think of us as part of your child’s healthcare team to provide strategies for getting and staying well.  We do recommend that all of our patients become established with a pediatric physician even if you plan to work with us as well.

Show or hide the answer What is your stance about childhood vaccinations?

Our doctors to not administer vaccines and do not have an official stance on the issue of vaccinations.

We work with many patients who have chosen alternative vaccine schedules or who do not vaccinate their children at all, as well as with patients who are fully vaccinated.  We honor the difficulty of this decision for parents and do not discriminate as far as who we accept as a patient based on their vaccination status. 

We can help educate our patients about this issue and provide them with resources and tools to help them make their own decision.  We can also make recommendations of local pediatric caregivers who can also assist in this issue.  We can share strategies to give your child the best chance of not suffering an adverse effect from a vaccine.  Finally, we are able to work with patients who may be suffering from an adverse reaction to a vaccine to help restore them to health.

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