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Long-standing Difficulties for Child Cleared

Hi Dr. Kristina,

I just wanted to give you a brief update on how my son is doing.  I lost his homeopathic remedy for a few weeks.  I could tell he needed more, but it was a few days before I could get to your office.  During that time, I watched his face take on a red hue, and he got a bit of a rash.  His behavior and discomfort flared up, and he came down with a snotty nose and sore throat.  On Tuesday, I got some more of the remedy and gave it to him, and within a half hour he was calmer.  His mood and face have completely cleared now.

I wanted to tell you all this because I am so truly amazed at how effective this remedy has been for him.  It is so immediate in its effect, now that some of the long-standing difficulties have been cleared.  I'm so grateful to you that you were able to find the right remedy, and so glad for my son, who is really enjoying school and his friends and reading and family life, all things that gave him trouble until we started working with you.  Thank you!
I've been chatting with several other parents who are thinking of taking their kids to you- some who are working with ADHD, some with severe allergies.  I've seen such a marked effect from the homeopathy, and from Dr. Eric's allergy therapy- I'm out there spreading the word!  I hope lots more parents come to you guys for help!
-MW, Asheville, NC

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