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vitaminecapsulesThe last time you were shopping online or in a health food store, drug store, or discount warehouse, you probably noticed the hundreds of brands of thousands of different types of nutritional supplements and miracle vitamins.

The supplement industry is a very competitive industry without much regulation.  There is a lot of intense marketing with unverifiable claims and quality of ingredients in many products.

Because of this discrepancy and unreliability of nutritional supplements available to the general public, we carry reliable, quality, profession-line supplements at Lewis Family Natural Health.  We need to know that we can trust the supplements we recommend to our patients.

In choosing which products to stock in our natural store, we use the following criteria:

The company’s main market must be professionals. Companies that market primarily to consumers may make dubious claims about their products.  In contrast, companies that market only to professionals must create quality products that actually work because the profitability of their business relies on repeated use by health care practitioners.

The company must be familiar with the scientific literature and base its formulations on available scientific research. 

The company must use third-party independent testing on its products to ensure the accuracy and purity of the ingredients and active medicinal constituents.

The company must have a good industry reputation with a proven track record and be known for producing consistently high quality products.

Specifically related to herbal products, the companies must have consistent quality and potency of their botanicals, they must use organic or sustainably wild crafted plants, and they ethically should refrain from using plants on the endangered species list.

The products must be ones that we have seen to be effective in practice, not just in theory.  If a product we carry does not produce the desired results in our patients, then we no longer recommend or carry the product.  If a product is one we don’t have much personal experience with, we check with our trusted colleagues for their recommendations.  This feedback practice has allowed us to find the products that we can consistently rely on for quality and potency of healing action.

Products and Suppliers

The companies that supply us are the proven leaders in the natural supplement industry with pharmaceutical standards for product production and purity. Some of the main companies we use for nutritional supplements include:

  • Thorne Research
  • Priority One
  • Pure Encapsulations
  • Integrative Therapeutics
  • Forever Well
  • Douglas Laboratories
  • Allergy Research
  • Vitanica
  • Seroyal/Genestra
  • Standard Homeopathics/Hylands
  • Wise Woman Herbals
  • Jay Robb Protein Powders
  • Xymogen


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