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Natural Weight Loss

Wappleweightlosshen it comes to weight loss, there is no simple one-size-fits-all answer.  Of course you wouldn't know it to look at the vast range of weight-loss products, programs, books, diets and strategies advertised everywhere, promising easy, effective, long-term results.

The truth is, most people who undertake a diet or weight loss program will gain the weight back.  Yo-yo dieting in particular is dangerous and can make you more unhealthy than you were before the diet.  Diet pills, appetite suppressants, extreme diets, or diets not based on real foods generally don’t work for the long-term, and can actually be harmful in some circumstances.

Your Health and a Healthy Weight

With excess weight comes a host of related medical conditions including heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and gall bladder disease.  Being overweight can also affect your quality of life.  Extra pounds can make you more tired and limit your daily activities.  It can contribute to poor self-esteem and depression and can lead to arthritis, sleep problems, and digestive issues.  Being overweight can aggravate menopausal symptoms and contribute to infertility.

Our naturopathic approach to healthy, natural weight loss

When it comes to losing weight, we feel it's important to not only lose weight but also to learn healthy habits and strategies for keeping the weight off for the long-term.

We recognize that excess weight can often be the root cause of many diseases, and we also recognize that for some people there are many challenges in figuring out how to lose weight.  In working with patients who want to lose weight, we take all these factors and more into account.

What is critical in successful weight loss is determining each individual patient's personal challenges and obstacles, and then addressing these with a personalized, comprehensive approach.  "One-size-fits-all" rarely works when it comes to something as challenging as losing weight!

We seek to understand what biochemical imbalances may be present in your body that make losing weight difficult.  We look for lifestyle patterns, emotional challenges, and other factors contributing to your situation. 

We love to educate--much of the conventional wisdom about what to eat and how to exercise is actually outdated and may in fact be making things worse!  Empowering and educating so you know how to make real healthy choices is key.

By working with patients on a comprehensive naturopathic program, by addressing their whole system and restoring balance to them as a whole person, many times the body is able to lose unwanted weight without any specific "diet" or "weight loss program" necessary.  Obesity and weight gain are not a disease, but are rather a symptom of an overall lack of health and balance.

How do we help with Weight Loss

At Lewis Family Natural Health, we utilize several approaches to helping our patients lose weight.  We like having several different tools so that we can help match you to the method and philosophy that best fits your needs and goals.

Some of our most popular tools include:

  • Ultra-Lite Weight Loss for Life Program:  This award-winning program was designed by a naturopathic doctor and is an excellent option for those seeking a more structured, highly-supportive program that still allows for personalization.  Read more...
  • The Stop-Lite Program:  This is a dietary and lifestyle program designed by Dr. Eric as a result of his extensive research into diet and nutrition.
  • Detoxification:  Although not meant as a substitute for long-term dietary changes, some people benefit from intermittently detoxifying their bodies to help jump start weight loss or move past a plateau or "stuck" point.  Read more...
  • Food Allergies:  Sometimes weight gain is simply the body's reaction to food allergies or food sensitivities.  Addressing and eliminating the cause of these food sensitivities can allow for restoration of a normal, healthy weight.  Read more...
  • Exercise:  We've all heard we should exercise, but what exactly should we be doing?  Why do some people work out all the time yet never lose a pound?  Read more...
  • General Nutrition:  Education on what to eat, and what foods might not work well for you and your metabolism is a part of every naturopathic assessment at our office.  Read more...
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